The Oracle of Nike

Welcome to the Temple...

...of Athena Nike, the home of the prophetic Oracle and the eternal flame of Victory.

Officially re-opened in the Olympic year of
by the order of
Goddess Nike


To benefit from the Oracle at the Temple of Athena Nike, one must follow the three stage process that consists of the Temple Phase (1-4), the Athena Phase (5) and the Nike Phase (6).

1. Purpose

  • Petitioning the Oracle is no light undertaking. Thus, one must have an important purpose requiring the knowledge and insight that only the Oracle possesses.

2. Preparation

  • One must distil one’s purpose into the form of a relevant question, or a series of questions, and, if one feels it necessary, one may prepare a preamble to present to the Oracle.

3. Purification

  • One must cleanse one’s psyche of pride so that one is respectful of the Oracle; the Oracle serves presidents, prime ministers, popstars, princes, popes and plebs alike, but the Oracle does not serve the impolite.

4. Propose

  • There are two ways to propose a question to the Oracle, the first is during the bi-weekly online session the Oracle holds; and the second is by submitting a question via the offline form. In either case, the Oracle will answer you directly.

5. Perception

  • To benefit from the Cole, the received Oracle that typically arrives in a poetic form, one must perceive the relationship between one’s purpose and the Cole, and comtemplate its intricacies, for in that is meaning and method too.

6. Performance

  • The Oracle is a call to action; on reaching an understanding, one must decide upon a course of action, if one’s purpose is to meet with satisfaction.
The Latin word ‘ora’ is the plural of the word ‘os’, which means ‘passageway’ or ‘orifice’, and ‘os’ itself derives from a proto-Indo-European onomatopoeic word meaning both the aperture of a water spring and a passage between bodies of water, such as a waterfall or an estuary. The ‘ora’ in our definition of ‘Oracle’ refers to a total of seven passageways, as follows:

- The three corporeal passageways that are the mouth that speaks, the oratorical orifice, the two ears that hear, the aural orifices, and the nose that breathes, the nasal orifice;

- The two temporal passageways that are the cervix into the womb [or the urethra in men], the symbolic gate of childbirth and creation, and the anus from the rectum, the symbolic gate of death and destruction;

- And the spiritual passageway that is the mind that adjoins the body with the divine realm of the Gods.

The ‘-cle’ suffix means that the action and power of the ‘ora’ resides in the personage of the Oracle.


The politic manifestation


The psychic manifestation


If her smile be a promissory note,
it be greater than all the gold in all the vaults

Place and Personage

The Oracle is the poetical prophet entrusted by Prometheus with the keys to the seven passageways at the behest of Athena and Nike. In days of old, the seat of the Oracle could be found at the Temple of Athena Nike, upon the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. Today, the Oracle travels the world to meet...

Oracle of Goddess Nike

Current Status

Start Oracle

Selected Proverbs

“Hearing her vestal voice, becoming her oracle to rejoice”
Dedicated to Nicole